For Consumers-

I see a piece of artwork I love, how do I purchase it?
All transactions are made solely between you and the artist. A link to the artist’s website is included next the piece in the “View the Show” section. Or, alternatively find the link in the “Participating Artists” section. Check the website for the preferred method of contact and purchase.

Do you guarantee the availability or quality of artwork?
No, all availabilities and warrantees made solely by the artist. SoftCanvas.com does not make guarantees of any kind. We are simply a platform to promote artists.

I live internationally; can I purchase a piece of artwork?
Please contact the artist directly.

How do I find out more about a piece of artwork?
Link to the artist’s website, and contact the artist directly.

For Artists-

How do I submit artwork?

Please also visit “Info For Artists”

Guidelines for submissions;

  • All images should be formatted as a .jpg
  • Please make images at least 400 pixels by 400 pixels
  • File size cannot be larger than 1MB
  • All artists must submit a website where buyers can contact you directly. This website can be in any format such as a blog page to a professionally designed site. Please note a link will be placed on our site to yours, so make a great impression!
  • Cost to submit up to five works is just $11! That’s Less than lunch!
  • Fee Schedule-
    Submit 5 Images = $11
    Submit 10 Images = $15
    Submit 15 Images = $19
    Submit 20 Images = $22

Click here to get started!

When do I find out if my artwork has been selected?
Usually within four weeks after the submission deadline.

What happens if my artwork is not selected?
A link to your website will be included in the “Participating Artists” section for the duration of the show or longer. Consumers will still be able to see your work through this link.

How do potential buyers contact me?
Through the website link you provide. Please make sure there is a way to contact you or purchase artwork on your site.

I don’t have a website, can I still submit artwork?
We ask that all artists submitting work have a website we can link to. Some great websites that provide quick and easy ways to create a space to sell your work are;


Do you take commission on work sold?
No. You keep 100% of the sale, as the transaction is made solely between you and the buyer. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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